Source code
Subversion (SVN) is a open source version control system and it is used to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation. Free clients are available for all the major operative systems (see this link). In order to download the BLOSpectrum tools code, use the following instruction set: svn co blospectrumtool/trunk If everything goes as it supposed to go, you end up with a directory named blospectrumtool containing the current (unstable) version of the BLOSpectrum tools source code.
In order to compile the tools, you need a POSIX system equipped with:
  • CMake (>=3.5)
  • GNU GCC and G++ (>=4.5.0)
  • BOOST C++ Library (>=1.34)
  • Cairo (>=1.10)
  • Eigen (>=3.0.0)
  • SQLite3 (>=3.7.7)
To test the presence of required libraries, enter the main source directory and use the command:cmake CMakeLists.txt If your system does not satisfy the BLOSpectrum tools requests, you will receive an error message which explains the problem. If, otherwise, you do not get any errors, you can compile the source by using the following command:make all Above command will produce set of executable programs in the src directory.